'Well that sucked!'

The tech truth about the 'Smart TV' Revolution plus which type of 'OTT TV App' software providers or hellish VOD video platforms you should avoid at all costs...


Dave Alston here (I'm on the right above with Bill George, business partner).

If you don't want to burn through tens of thousands of pounds or worse by partnering with the wrong VOD, Smart TV or App providers... (Like we suffered three very grim times),

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Best SVOD Platforms Analyis

Your 10 Email Smart TV & Video Business Blueprint covers...

  • How to avoid losing money (our grim mini case study). Instead take safe easy steps 1) Start with online video 2) Add Apps 3) Expand to Smart TV platforms.
  • Making your tech easy. Providers with A+ support so you can create, coach or educate without tech stress.
  • 3 stable, consistent 'TV App Incomes' you can add immediately from the new 'TV Leasing Model' for a safer, affordable way to grow revenue with video.

Your Blueprint also includes a NEW TV promo breakthrough you can switch on to get niche subscribers for free.

  • How to use TVeO to attract TV App subscribers from all these big new Smart TV audiences at no cost.
  • VOD success studies: Model other creators scaling up to even six figure revenues plus in MRR*
  • You'll do a LIVE DEMO (on your home TV) and see how easily, highly targeted prospects can find you instantly.

 So if you're a Creator, Coach or Educator...

Because now anyone can start a 'Netflix type' video streaming business... and get paid well consistently...

For simply sharing your unique gift :)

  1. You don't have to only rely on YouTube revenue either (Add three new sources of income you control).
  2. Or beg people support you on Patreon, instead subscribers pay monthly and can also buy, rent or PPV.*
  3. Smart TV platforms like Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku etc = almost limitless scale with low competition (for now).

Our training also shares creators earning hundreds a month up to six figures monthly.* Plus how to advertise on TV when you can't afford it.

It's an exciting time to be alive.

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There we are then.

Billy and I hope to see you on the course :)

Dave Alston

Dave and Billy


Thankfully, despite our early trials we've come out the other side stronger.

That said, 

Not everyone is so fortunate.

Which is why we're sharing our experiences (good and bad) to help.

For example one partnership we now have includes a tech team trusted by creators for the BBC and NBC Universal.  

(They run on the same software Netflix and YouTube use so if your video based business grows fast the tech won't collapse).

PPS Oh yes,

One last thing to remember which may help you...

When you subscribe you can WhatsApp us directly for advice if you ever need to.


*MMR = Monthly recurring revenue

* This is not an income promise. We are only sharing what other small businesses are sharing and their results. Some results are better than others due to a number of circumstances.

*PPV = Pay Per View. Where a live event is streamed on video in real time. (Perhaps a live cookery teaching class. Or a weight training lesson. Or live coaching sessions that people purchase as 'one off events.' Another option allows video rentals for defined periods (one week access etc).

* Partnerships and Affiliates: We have referral partnerships and affiliate relationships with some vendors whose products we use or believe in and have vetted ourselves. We may receive some form of remuneration from these vendors. This source of revenue for us is in addition to consultancy income and copywriting services.  Any price paid for software or recommendations for customers remains the same had they bought directly from vendors themselves. In addition customers who buy from our recommendations may also receive extra value from us such as discounted consultancy sessions... or other products we sell or are licensed to provide, again at discount or without cost to the customer depending on the bundle offered.  We include these 'value add' bundles to pay it forward so our users may get to know and trust us. The idea is to build good will and trust over time so that in future initial customers may also book further paid consultancy services with us. Any referral revenue received therefore helps recompense us for the time, money and resources we invest from our business in educating users to not make the mistakes we made in our journey and give signposts to a smoother path to a growing, rewarding business.