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True Story...

"Dave had been generating leads for my Financial Advice business for years.

When other advisors were paying £5.00 - £9.00 per click in Google Adwords, due to Dave I was paying between 61p and £2.98.

The ads converted into good clients.

When costs crept over £2.50 a click I asked if we should try alternatives. He said...

'Let's test YouTube Ads... it looks virgin territory!'

"That was back in 2015...

"Our first video ad got me thousands of views at 11p per video view. That's not the best part though. The ads brought in high net worth clients.

Some invested over a million pounds with me.

With cost to acquire customers so low I couldn't have been happier. 

Dave's been my secret online marketing weapon for years.

We've become great friends so combining forces in George and Alston Media Ltd is simply a natural progression for what we were doing anyway.

However, having been a financial adviser for over 29 years when I saw the year on year gains companies like Roku were repeatedly making I knew we were at the dawn of something big. 

That's when I started to take this new media stuff seriously (especially the gigantic growth of Smart TV).

Tech is changing so fast, there are tremendous openings for forward thinking businesses to reach big new audiences affordably now.

And for Scottish businesses in particular, I'd say we're just entering a brand new golden age.

I must say though...

Everything we've known about marketing is being disrupted.

So if you know how to sell online you've a big edge (especially with what's coming with A.I. and machine learning).

We're here to help you profit from this new era of advertising in these growth areas: Smart TV. Omnichannel. Video.

Click the button below to chat over how we can help you."

Or if not..

Check the video we've done for you.



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