OTT App and VOD monetisation this way...

Want your own  'like Netflix'  Smart TV App plus... reliable new SVOD revenue?

Then join the global Smart TV and Video On Demand revolution to monetise your video content and access vast new audiences.

See below...

"Andrew Carnegie said it best...
 'The FIRST man gets the oyster the second gets the shell.' 
And pacesetters who use marketing breakthroughs like Smart TV Apps and AI... will dominate."
Bill George - Director.
Bill George Director

So as online marketing matures are any first mover opportunities with less competition left?


Have you seen Smart TV yet?

Its growth may surprise you.

So a Smart TV App could give you exposure to large untapped audiences.

It's kind of like your own branded Netflix (plus like Netflix you can enjoy reliable monthly subscription income for your video content too).

Just now your competition is low. 

Which begs the question,


Smart TV Video Streaming Stats

Smart TV Channels like domains back in 1999?

Smart TV Big Screen Streaming

Er... yeah ;)

If you launch one your timing is perfect too because... 

Growth for watching video on big screen TV is shooting up. Viewers are trading in old style dongles etc for Smart TVs instead that do everything. 

And you can reach these TV viewers almost automatically... if they like your channel they add your TV App to their TV home screen instantly.

Monetisation is simple

Offering  SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) for your customers provides you  a stable recurring monthly income .

You can also layer in one off sales, rentals, pay per live streams etc as additional income streams.

Adding a Smart TV App to your marketing mix to monetise your video content and increase your exposure to new audiences may work well for you.

Or start smaller and simply add SVOD  to monetise your videos on mobile and desktop (not TV) with a paid subscription offering.

Then later add the Smart TV Apps when you've grown a larger paid subscriber customer base.

Think it over.

We can help you in these areas

1. The Smart TV Revolution

The gigantic global consumer switch to Smart TV is an unstoppable megatrend, (Covid drove it even higher).

Yet even back in 2018...

Americans streamed 8 BILLION hours of CTV (Connected TV) using services like Roku TV, Apple, Amazon Fire etc and according to Statista in UK 2021...


2. The Huge Rise of Video

YouTube alone now has 2.3 BILLION users, ever increasing inventory, low ad prices.

What's not to like?

How low can you get video ad prices for?

10p, 5p, 3p per view.*


3. More Sales Faster?

Using different marketing channels is essential. 

(Google term it 'Omnichannel' marketing) yet some convert sales WAY BETTER...


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