From Edinburgh to Mumbai a new opportunity...

Safe Easy Access To Big New Markets

And this global mega trend makes it affordable for alert businesses.

See below...

"Andrew Carnegie said it best...
 'The FIRST man gets the oyster the second gets the shell.'
We Scots have always been global pioneers, which is why I love new markets. 
And pacesetters who use marketing breakthroughs like Smart TV, Omni or AI... will dominate this new decade."
Bill George - Markets Analyst & Director.

So, as online marketing matures are any first mover opportunities with less competition left?


Have you seen Smart TV yet?

Its growth may surprise you but first let me ask...

Are you already a successful business?

Then Smart TV could give you exposure to untapped audiences.

Remember... The real problem is not rapid changes in Internet marketing or high ad costs. It's rivals using fresh breakthroughs before you even notice.

Which inevitably means...

Conviva State of Streaming Report Q3 2018-2019

Those who dominate markets first can spend more

With the following results...

'Whoever can afford to pay the most to get a customer will win.'

Take Facebook ads...

The 5% of 'Buying now' prospects everyone chases are the highest priced leads.

Yet soaring ad costs are only half the issue.

Trying to outbid competitors who dominate top positions and can pay more in ad auctions means...

You're competing with the best marketers in your niche. 

In return Google and Facebook reward them by lowering their ad costs, helping them win more.

Stragglers eventually fall out of the race unable to compete on price or marketing expertise.

So what's the answer?

Choose an easier game

One you can win by being first​

Where exactly?

Well you've seen the news. 

'Connectivity' across the devices we love is soaring. 

Yet did you know... Smart TV is out in front?

Smart Connected TV share

Smart 'Connected' TV is making waves

Does that mean you ditch PPC, Display Ads, Video, Mobile or SEO?

Of course not.

Instead Smart TV offers big new audiences with less competition just now.

Therefore if you set up a channel, you may be first in your sector.  

Your brand could be seen as hero to fresh new audiences.

It's affordable too.

So why not consider increasing your exposure via Smart TV?

(Without neglecting your other marketing of course).

Think it over.

We can help you in these 3 areas

1. The CTV Revolution

The move to Smart 'Connected' TV (CTV) is literally a global, lifestyle stampede...

In 2018 Americans streamed 8 BILLION hours of CTV.

All through services like Roku TV, Apple, Amazon Fire etc according to Nielsons.


2. The Huge Rise of Video

YouTube alone has huge, ever increasing inventory, low ad prices.

How low?

Video ads at 10p, 5p, even 3p per view.


3. OmniChannel Marketing

Google coined the term 'Omnichannel'.

(Marketing via multi channels).

If you need affordable leads using Omni is like buying your ads at 50% off compared to your competitors (Still using Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn etc).


About George and Alston Media

Hi, I'm Dave Alston and my business partner is Bill George above.

We're a new business excited by the opportunities new tech like Smart TV and connected devices is bringing to small business.

Vast exposure. Low ad costs. And that said...

Maybe we can help get you on TV. 

If you want to discuss Smart TV or affordable online advertising options get in touch

We can talk over Smart TV or other affordable ad options... or not!

It's up to you of course ;)

Do as you wish.